"My session literally changed the way I think about myself. I’ve always had an insecurity of how I could never be sexy. When Phoebe was showing me my pictures I cried multiple times... I never felt so good about myself. You owe yourself this amazing opportunity of self love! Just do it!" -Miss B.

Come join us in the studio, conveniently located on King Street in downtown Leesburg, VA., for a morning of self care and pampering. We can't wait to meet you!


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A Boudoir photo session is about so much more than the stunning images of you we will create together. My sessions are designed to leave you feeling powerful.  The time we spend together will help to get you back in touch with yourself. Each session is created to meet the needs of the individual client, to remind you what a bad ass you truly are.

Reconnect with Yourself

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Ready to capture yourself and the individuality of your business? Maybe you just need a head shot refresh, or maybe you're looking to create exciting, action images of your products. Whatever your needs, I am here for you!


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