What is Lifestyle Photography?

The goal of Lifestyle photography is to capture authentic moments and connections. These sessions are not heavily posed, but instead gently guided into the genuine moments of life. As a lifestyle photographer, I am here to document the everyday moments that all add up to create the big memories you look to cherish most. I am here to document a life well lived; the good, the bad, and all the moments in between.

Connection is key in my sessions. While I make a point to capture a few images of everyone smiling at the camera, the primary purpose is to preserve the connection between my clients through candid moments.

I hear a lot of concerns from people that they aren’t photogenic, or they feel awkward in front of them camera. Don’t worry; I will offer some guidance and direction in the session, but we will be laughing, playing, and enjoying our time. We always get the best images when people are being authentic!

I’m worried my children won’t cooperate

I hear this one a lot. “My children are wild!”, “they won’t smile for pictures”, “they won’t sit still”. Well, guess what. All of those things are okay! As a former preschool teacher who worked with both typically and atypically developing children, I get it. There is no pressure in my sessions; we will get the images we need, by letting the children run and following their lead. I find that the session goes so much more smoothly and everyone feels happy at the end, if we follow the children’s lead. I always take a little time to get to know them, too, and creating that connection proves to be helpful.

Do you have styling tips?

Yes! Upon booking, you will receive my client preparation guide, which will include information on what to expect during your session, how to prepare, and styling tips.

Who are your clients?

I celebrate all lifestyles and all walks of life.